Technology Services

PING Access/Federate/Identity 

PING access is one of the critical security solutions focused on providing secure access to applications to ensure that only authorized users can access the resources. The main object of the PING federates is to increase the productivity and security of the overall system by using advanced tools and the latest technologies.

How do we utilize it at Eximius Systems?

PING Access provides various access security solutions like authentication based on open standards, centralized session management, API access control, etc. Such explanations and services available to users help them carry out different functions with better security, integration, and flexibility. 

Benefits of using PING?

One of the essential benefits of using PING Access is reducing the risks concerning access systems by using managing sessions and access policies suitable for any application. Another significant advantage of using PING Access is that it helps improve services through continuous evaluation of authentication tokens and other aspects. The management process is enhanced along with reducing the risks and costs to ensure the overall development of business functions and operations. Most service providers combine PING Access and PING Federate to obtain benefits like: 

  • Enhanced productivity by enabling web SSO to different applications. 
  • Improved security through the use of effective access policies. 
  • Mitigate the risks and challenges concerning access policies. 
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance and licensing, along with simplifying the administration process.