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CyberArk (PAM)

The Privileged Access Manager (PAM) is a commonly used technology for enhanced security of business and other valuable assets. As a cybersecurity strategy, PAM controls and monitors the identities across different IT-related aspects. The PAM solutions address various applications and features to ensure secure functions throughout the development process. CyberArk helps keep track of the management process where the proper implementation of the system is given utmost importance to carry out different functions.

How do we utilize it at Eximius Systems?

Such management tools are utilized at Eximius Systems with the help of PAM engineers to prevent malicious accounts and attacks. It is focused on mitigating different risks concerning business operations and maximizing the business's overall productivity. It is a vital instrument that can defend against attacks and enable digital companies through security features. As cybersecurity has become an integral part of business functions, we have been utilizing advanced tools for managing the business through a well-organized system. 
At Eximius, advanced technology is utilized in a way where the interest of the company and users are equally considered, and functions are provided accordingly.

Benefits of using CyberArk PAM?

CyberArk PAM provides certain features for streamlining user authentication, which is:

  • Authenticates users with single credentials 
  • Enhanced control 
  • Integration with different machine groups 
  • Increased support throughout the process and functions.