Technology Services


OKTA is an identity management service that helps companies to increase the security of different processes and functions. One of the essential factors inclining the users to utilize OKTA is the enhanced safety made available in each phase, along with the protection of sensitive data and information. OKTA makes it challenging to steal any personal information from a third party as the system uses a well-structured security framework. As technological developments enhance, even though cyber threats increase, the measures to tackle such issues have also improved with time.

How do we utilize it at Eximius Systems?

We utilize OKTA and cloud technologies to help businesses enhance the management process and provide secure user authentication. OKTA sells other services in which single sign-on is one of the significant services made available to users. It is one of the most extensive programs, which has a unique and distinct feature that allows users to log in to many applications through a single centralized process. OKTA developers focus on providing secure and scalable services and enhancing app user management. It can be seen that whenever a user tries to authenticate, identity verification is done by OKTA to send the required information as per the need of the situation. 

Benefits of using OKTA?

OKTA is considered an apt identity cloud solution that helps to manage services effectively and makes it easier for employees to utilize any program or device. OKTA helps enhance interaction and connection with users using high-performance apps and tools.